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Author: Dr K. Hari Prasad


Author's Description:  President, Apollo Group of Hospitals


Genre:  Autobiography

Get Name, Fame, and Money with Kitabaan's Publishing Solutions that take your Big Story/ Idea to Book Shops and Big screens!

Kia’s Kitabaan (formerly, Kitabaan Publications) is a one-stop shop for aspiring and established authors,

screenplay writers, professionals, and individuals associated with or who want to become part of the

entertainment, content, and creative industries.

A good publisher or producer is one that provides a variety of creative options and helps one put

together the most appropriate ones for their work to instantly make a home in a million hearts.

And that’s precisely what we do at Kitabaan!

Discover the gamut of creativity.

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‘Today, one of the most crucial concerns for people and especially content creators—be it publishing

houses, authors, production houses, screenplay writers, podcasters, YouTubers, or content creators—is

to catch the wind and tell captivating, compelling, and relevant stories.’

—Founder, Kia’s Kitabaan

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Slide-2_Arc_of_Feathers_Extract_Frontcover_from_Cover.pdf (3).png

We’ve got something for all your creative needs!

Books & 
Publishing Services


Visual Entertainment Housing Services

Allied Services




Book Adaptation

We bridge the gap between the script to the screen by converting your story into a

script and pitching it to esteemed production houses for adaptation.

Express Scripting

If you have a brilliant idea or concept, which can become a loved or intriguing web-series or
film, we help you by develop it into a script, and pitch it for production.


Professional Writing Programmes

Choose from our range of professional training programmes that best suit your requirement or have them tailor-made in just a few clicks!

Branding Services for Authors and Writers

  • Website

  • Social media strategizing

  •  Social media calendar

English Language Proficiency Programmes

Choose from our range of professional English Language Proficiency Programmes, and prepare yourself to take on the world!

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Slide-2_Arc_of_Feathers_Extract_Frontcover_from_Cover.pdf (3).png

‘Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences…’

Sylvia Plath, Author and poet

Slide-2_Arc_of_Feathers_Extract_Frontcover_from_Cover.pdf (3).png
Slide-2_Arc_of_Feathers_Extract_Frontcover_from_Cover.pdf (3).png
3.    The Ultimate Triumph: A Politician’s Autobiography

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