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The story of a lad, who shone as bright as a star...
Yet fate showed him down the narrowest lanes of life...
And… Yet, he came out…

Dr Hari Prasad has seen it all—from being an average performer in school to becoming a cricketing star; from fighting a legal battle to get into a medical college to giving up cricket overnight; from falling in love to tying the knot at a barely-marriageable age; from excelling as a doctor to giving
up practising completely; from being a fit sportsman to falling prey to tobacco addiction…and eventually combating cancer…

This book, I’M Possible, is the journey of a young Hari, who becomes an overnight sensation in the world of cricket. His bails fell when he fell for a Hyderabadi lass, who remained oblivious to his feelings for quite some time… But an ardent Hari finally succeeded in wooing her…

From ‘Hari’ to ‘Dr Hari’ to ‘Daddy, hurry!’ he did well at each stage in his life; he took many a difficult decision, even in the face of bitter opposition… Throughout his life, whenever things would seem settled, the earth beneath his feet would move, shattering everything around him.

This is the story of a visionary...the man behind the evolution and revolution of Emergency Medical Services in India… This book captures Dr Hari’s meteoric rise to being the Group President of one of India’s leading hospital chains—Apollo Group of Hospitals.

He was extremely successful, but had a weakness—addiction to tobacco. With considerable effort, he overcame it, but the damage had been done. Soon after giving it up, he was diagnosed with leukaemia—a type of cancer. He fought the deadly disease and came out unscathed. Once cured, he decided to do something about his health.

This led to a radical shift in his life; he became a new Hari! He has lost almost 50 kilos in twenty-five months and all of this was done through dietary changes and exercises. I’M Possible is his unbelievable journey of transformation from weighing 115 kilos to less than 68 kilos!

In this magnificent book, Dr Hari captures his larger-than-life story in the simplest of words that vividly bring out the emotional side of an otherwise stern and reserved individual—one who underplays his achievements and often does revolutionary things from behind the curtain.

I’M Possible is an astounding page-turner that possesses the charm of a bygone era and holds the promise of a beautiful tomorrow. It is a tale of love, hope, grit, determination, courage and triumph. I’M Possible is a treat for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, geography and profession.

I'M Possible by Dr K. Hari Prasad

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  • Born in 1964, Dr K. Hari Prasad has had a long and successful career as a cricketer, clinician and administrator. He was one of the youngest Ranji Trophy players, having represented Hyderabad while he was still at school.

    After completing his post-graduation in anaesthesiology—which helped him in many ways as a practising anesthesiologist, intensivist and emergency physician during his clinical career—he joined his father at their family-run hospital, Sridevi Nursing Home, in Hyderabad. But then, when no one expected him to, Dr Hari joined Apollo Hospitals.

    At Apollo, he transitioned to a full-time administrator while setting up Emergency Services across Apollo units in the country. He is often regarded as the pioneer of Emergency Medicine in India. His journey from being the Vice-president of Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad, to CEO-Central Region, and finally, the Group President, has been phenomenal!

    On the personal front, he faced several difficulties, some self-inflicted and some beyond his control. He faced each of these challenges and overcame them with grit and determination. I’M Possible is his first foray into writing.

    Apart from what he does at work, Dr Hari is now trying to make a difference to the lives of those around him. He plans to spend his post-retirement years working for a cause that has been on his mind for quite sometime now…

  • For those of you who want to transform their personal, professional and social lives...

    Lose weight; give up addiction; gain confidence; start living!

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